Prepaid meters Cape Verde: Putting control back in your hands

Not all African nations are without access to water and electricity. Cape Verde is one of the exceptions, with up to 70% of the nation having access to water and electricity. But even though so many people have access, there is always a little bit of uncertainty about the reliability of the utilities provided by the companies supplying it. But with prepaid meters, this uncertainty is disappearing.

Each year Cape Verde dedicates a huge amount of its budget towards building up the infrastructure of the country, and you can help in your own way by investing in sub-meters for your home, business or accommodation facility. Installing prepaid meters is one of the best ways that you can take full control over how you access and use utilities such as water, power, and even gas. Even though the providing water and electricity has been privatised, there remain problems with the infrastructure which is where the issues of reliability crop up. And unreliable utilities can often mean incorrect accounts and more money being spent on utilities than you can afford.

Are you ready to take back the power? You need a prepaid water, power or gas meter.

If you are living in Cape Verde then you probably already know that the utilities can be on the more expensive side. But simply not using your utilities is not the way to save; installing a prepaid meter is the better option. There are many benefits to be enjoyed with you have a meter installed. Saving money is just one of the many ways that you are going to notice the difference in your spending.

How do prepaid meters work?

Quite simply put, a prepaid meter is easy to use, easy to manage and easy to install. Once the system is installed, you will need to buy credit and top it up to enjoy access to your utilities. Basically, you will be buying electricity, water and gas directly from your provider as you need it. The credit for the meter can be bought from a number of places and can often be conveniently bought online.

When the credit has been bought, a code is used to charge the meter, allowing you to continue using it. The method is exceptionally simple and anyone can enjoy the benefits.

The benefits of owning prepaid meters

It is estimated that by 2020, Cape Verde will be one of the first countries on the planet to be at least 50% reliant on renewable power. So investing in a prepaid meter now is going to help you to save the precious energy resources that your country is going to be producing on its own. To ensure that the grid is never overloaded, which ensures that there is enough to go around for everyone, having a sub-meter is the way to go. Here is how you will benefit in other ways:

  • The system cannot be tampered with and it is always going to give you an accurate result. This means you will never again have to worry about paying out more than you can afford to on your utilities.
  • You will save money as you will decide how much you spend each month. You will never again have to worry about an account you cannot pay.
  • Unlike your conventional way of accessing water, gas, and power, you will be able to keep a very close eye on how much you are using from month to month. This will give you an idea about where you can cut back on your utilities.
  • If you are worried about forgetting about topping up on the credit on your prepaid meters, you can buy a system that will alert you via a message to your cell phone to let you know that you are running low.
  • Prepaid meters do not require maintenance. So you don’t have to worry about becoming an expert in your meter. If something does go wrong, the company providing your meter will offer support to ensure that you enjoy the very best service.
  • A sub-meter will help you to spot a leak before damage is done. With conventional access to utilities, a leak is usually only spotted once you receive a massive account. A prepaid meter eliminates this possibility.

And anyone can benefit from having a prepaid meter. Landlords will really enjoy the freedom that will come with having a prepaid meter as they will be able to hand over the account and control over utilities to their tenants. But homeowners and a number of other accommodation owners can also install a prepaid meter.

Looking for the best prices for sub-meters? We can offer you reliable prepaid meters at affordable rates, and we will take care of your installation. While you might have to wait a while to get your prepaid meter from the state or public provider, keep in mind that you can always buy from a private company. Contact us to start saving on your utilities in Cape Verde with reliable prepaid meters.


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